We design digital experiences that meet user goals and business strategy.

At CM26, we live and breathe User Experience (UX) design. Whether it's sales tools, mobile applications, websites, interactive experiences, enterprise software or Information Architecture, everything we do is designed to ignite your goals and business strategy.

We Help Users:

  • complete a task
  • find an answer
  • choose a path
Want to mobilize
the power of
User Experience
in your next project?
We collaborate and work within your organization's current structure. By working together, at every stage of the process, the best design solution ultimately represents a shared vision.
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Great Digital Design: It all starts with understanding the WHY and for WHOM

Our expert team has partnered with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500's. Along the way, we've has fun creating & refining everything from simple mobile apps to content-heavy websites and enterprise software for fintech, pharmaceutical companies, consumer products, education and more.

Our services include : Information Architecture, UX Strategy, Product Development, Expert Design Review, UI Design,  Research, Task Refinement, Experience Design, Content Strategy and User Flows.

We create the documentation that helps stakeholders understand and discuss a project: how it has evolved, what creative assets are needed, how it will be developed and tested.
Product Design consists of a series of steps that includes a product's strategy, conceptualization, design, reason, defining all core features and user function.
We present a POV and work with your team to ideate to find the best solution based on the product strategy, success metrics and team understanding.
Get A Fresh perspective.
We add value at every stage in the Design & Creative process.

Our process includes a flexible framework of evidence based design thinking and a deep understanding of the latest communication platforms and tactics.

design Collaboration & ideation
CM26 works as a Collaborating member in your organization’s current structure. 
flexible Work Process Agile & waterfall 
Our Flex team model builds a team tailored to your needs and preferred workflow methodology.
User Centered design
We pride ourselves on creating solutions that make life easier for users and more profitable for business.
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