Experience Experts

At CM26 we tailor our services to meet your organization's needs. We facilitate a understanding of your: content, userflow, and goals to make the complex clear. Together we build a better user experience and clear communication.
User Interface UI & Expert Design Review
Navigation & Dashboard Design

Tap / Click / Gestural / VR / Voice
We are experts in designing navigation that allows users seek content and complete tasks in the most efficient manner. Design Review reveals opportunities.

Health Tracking & Behavior Training app
Mobile Phone and Wearables

Behavioral change comes from tracking and monitoring actions and events. We have designed trackers to help change behavior and improve user health.

Enterprise Responsive Management Software
Responsive CMS System .NET

A Task driven user dashboard that tracks steps to be completed, version control, file management, commenting and project timeline.

AR List Application
w/ VR Photography & Menus

AR solution that helps users view a menu from a distance using a visual based cue like a QR Code. No need to search Yelp or crowed sign. Users can engage with their menu view in a AR + VR environments.

Touch Screen Experiences
Conference, Expo, Booth,
In-store, Multi Device

Visuals help people understand and engage with information. We have deep experience in designing touch screen applications that help educate, track and persuade.

We provide IA/UX/CX
Research & Design Services

We work to help ensure the best path for the user and strategic imperative.
Design Thinking & Collaboration

Innovation through working with stakeholders and users to explore all of the options that could be—and optimize products and communication mechanisms.

Information architecture

We work with stakeholders to evaluate your content organization, content structure and navigation nomenclature. 
Once we understand your content we build a map to reference and refine.


Our research methods include: User Interviews, Mindmaps, Competitive reviews, Word Clouds, Content Maps, Testing, Design Review, and Stakeholder discussions.
We use research to create digital communication mechanisms that help users and increase business value. 

Application work flow & REFINEMENT

Interviewing users is like digging for Gold and finding it every time! 
Asking the right questions to get actionable insights is key. Once we understand the steps users take to complete a task we create a user flow can help us discover opportunities for design improvement and efficiencies.

CRM Ecosystems & User Acquisition

Getting Users in stream and keeping them engaged is of high value to all business types. 

pitch work,
RFP Responses &
VC Presentations

We can help ensure your New business plans, App Idea or creative concepts are seen as practical, high impact and useful to your audience.

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